Job Submission Options

You can access the job submission form in two ways:

  • Right-click on a folder in the Storage tab (recommended).

  • Go to the Jobs > Submit tab.

The following fields are required for each job that you submit.


The name of the folder containing input files for the case. If you right-click on the folder name in the Storage tab, this field is populated automatically. The folder name is case-sensitive and must match the name on the Storage tab. Alternatively, you can provide the name of a tar or zip file (*.tar, *.tar.gz, or *.zip) that contains all of the input files for the case.


The organization for which you are running the case.

Number of nodes

The number of compute nodes that will be provisioned for the job. Currently, you can only run jobs on a single node.

Maximum time

The maximum wall time for the simulation, in the format days-hours (e.g., 5-0 for a wall time of 5 days). If the simulation is still running after the maximum time has elapsed, CONVERGE Horizon will stop the simulation with a STOP file and copy the output files to object storage. To allow extra time for these finishing procedures, the total time limit for the job is 3 hours longer than the maximum time specified here.

CONVERGE version

The version of CONVERGE that will be used to run the simulation.


The type of compute instance that will be provisioned for your job. In general, the smaller instances are more readily available.

Compress output files

If checked, output files will be compressed to tar files before being copied to object storage. This can reduce storage costs by up to 50%.

The following optional fields are available in Advanced Options.

RLM license server

RLM port number and hostname of an existing RLM license server, in the format 2765@hostname.

Custom executable

File name of a custom CONVERGE executable that will be used to run the job. The executable must be uploaded to the same folder as the input files. If the executable is for CONVERGE 2.4 or an older version, select any 3.0 version in the CONVERGE version field above. Otherwise, select a value in the CONVERGE version field with the same major version (3.0/3.1/3.2) as the custom executable.


Message-passing interface (MPI) that will be used to execute CONVERGE in parallel. Currently, all CONVERGE Horizon jobs use HPC-X.

Command to run

mpirun code snippet that will be used instead of the default snippet. This option is recommended only for expert users.