Output Files

When a job starts running, CONVERGE Horizon creates a new folder in object storage labeled with the job ID (e.g., supersonic_channel.job_43). Output files will be copied to this folder after the job is completed.

Within the job folder is a preview folder. CONVERGE Horizon copies select files to this folder periodically while the job is running, including restart, log, echo, and batch files. You can view these files on the Storage tab.

Because most output files are not copied to object storage until the end of the simulation, you cannot access them from the CONVERGE Horizon application while the job is running. If you need to view or download output files while a job is running, you can use SSH/SCP via the command-line interface.

After the job is completed, go to the Storage tab and right-click on the files you want to download. If you selected the option to compress output files, the following tar files will be available:

  • output_files.tar.lz4 – All log files and output files, including 3D post*.h5 files

  • restart_files.tar.lz4 – All restart files

  • text_files.tar.lz4 – Text file output only (includes input, echo, log, and *.out files)

These files are compressed using LZ4 compression. Most Linux systems support LZ4 by default. You can unzip the files with the following command:

tar -I lz4 -xf <file name>.tar.lz4

To unzip the files on a Windows system, we recommend installing a program such as 7-zip-zstd.