Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long does it take for a job to start running?

Jobs remain in a PENDING status until compute nodes have been provisioned. This process takes several minutes and may take up to a few hours, depending on node availability.

How do I stop a job that is running?

You can stop or cancel a job from Jobs > Running/Pending > Actions.

When you click Stop, CONVERGE Horizon saves a STOP file to the Case Directory. CONVERGE will create a restart file, finish writing output files, and end the simulation normally. CONVERGE Horizon will copy output files back to object storage.

When you click Cancel, CONVERGE Horizon will not create a STOP file and CONVERGE will not complete its normal finishing procedures. CONVERGE Horizon will not copy output files back to object storage.

How do I run a case with user-defined functions (UDFs)?

When you upload the input files for the case, make sure that the appropriate UDF flags are activated and the library is included in the uploaded files. Then, submit the job as you normally would.

Can I edit input files while a job is running?

If you need to edit input files for a simulation that is currently running, you can SSH to the compute instance using the CLI.

If you edit input files from the Storage tab, your changes will be saved for future jobs, but they will not affect jobs that are currently running.

Can I view output files while a job is running?

Restart, log, echo, and batch files can be viewed in the preview folder on the Storage tab. To view or download simulation results while a job is running, you can use SSH/SCP via the CLI.

How often are files updated in the preview folder?

The first update occurs after the job has been running for 5 minutes. Subsequent updates occur at increasingly longer intervals until the interval reaches a length of one hour. The files are then updated once every hour until the job is completed. To force an update between these intervals, click Sync job data on the toolbar.

I am trying to use the CLI and getting a “Connection timed out” error. What are the steps to resolve this?

Running horizon config sync usually resolves this error.

When I try to run horizon job scp on Windows, I get an error that says “unable to start ssh-agent service error :1058”. What are the steps to resolve this?

This error occurs if the OpenSSH Authentication Agent (ssh-agent) service on your computer has the startup type set to Disabled. To run horizon job scp, you need the startup type set to Manual or Automatic.

Users with administrative permissions can change this setting in Services > OpenSSH Authentication Agent or by running the following commands in PowerShell as an administrator:

# Check startup type
Get-Service ssh-agent | Select StartType

# Set startup type to Manual
Get-Service Get-Service -Name ssh-agent | Set-Service -StartupType Manual