License Server Setup (Optional)

By default, CONVERGE Horizon uses on-demand software licensing, in which you pay for CONVERGE licenses by the job-hour. If your organization has an existing CONVERGE license server running the Reprise License Manager (RLM), you may prefer to check out licenses from your own license server instead.

To use your existing license server with CONVERGE Horizon, you must modify your license file and open ports to Oracle’s network. Work with your IT team to complete these steps.

First, open your license.lic file and add port=1234 to the end of the ISV line, replacing 1234 with any arbitrary port that you are willing to open.

Second, open two ports in the firewall of your license server: (1) the port specified above in your license.lic file and (2) the default RLM port, 2765. You can limit the attack surface by allowing access to your firewall only from Oracle’s IP address ranges. Oracle regularly publishes their IP address ranges to a JSON file.

After you have completed this setup, users can specify the RLM server information during job submission. Note that CONVERGE Horizon will continue to use on-demand licensing for any jobs for which the license server is not specified.